Baby Hair Care

Many new moms are worried about their baby hair care. Because sometime babies are born with hairs even on the shoulders and sometime babies born without hairs even not on the head. If your baby is healthy then don’t worry about his or her hairs.
Baby Hair Care Tips

Why babies born hairless (bald)?

This is proved by the medical and scientific community that complete hair follicles and other oil glands are formed in the growing fetus by the 6th month in the womb. Generally the fetus to have a very well growth of hair in their heads. This growth has been seen at sonograms taken on this point in the pregnancy. In the development of this point sometimes hair will also be appear on the shoulders and back. Don’t worry about this. Important is to note that the fetus hair color often a different than the color the hair will be afterward in life.

Baby has Silky hairs at the birth:

Though some babies had born bald, maximum babies born with soft and silky hairs on the head which are light in color. Usually these newborn hairs lasts only for three or four months .These hairs gradually fall out and new hairs grow in and it happens because of unknown reason. The new hairs are usually better than the newborn hairs and tend to grow in a set pattern. Generally the hair that replaces the down is along the appearance of the surface and the ultimate color that the bay will ultimately have although not guaranteed. That is most significant to note because some parents are alarmed at the downy look of the hair. It does shed and it does change. The babies spent the first year of their life with little or without hair; they obviously do not need hair care.

Baby head shaving:

Mostly used myth is to shave baby’s head to remove the down that the baby’s hair will grow in wide or even in different texture. This is a myth without scientific proof. This is absolutely false. Here is a reason that is why this all started. When people get their hair cut it just show to be thicker. But in real it is not so. This myth has been followed for a long time and has been exposed over and over. Cutting hair removes split ends and allows the hair to look healthier and does not help it grow faster or thicker.

How to wash baby’s hair?

Baby Hair Care Tips
You do not need to wash his hair often when your baby is young. Because he spends most of his time at home that’s why his hairs are not really dirty, so wash his hair more than twice a week. If your baby is suffering from some cradle cap which is a kind of dandruff in infants, then you have to increase the frequency to three times a week. Before each wash, paste a little olive oil into his scalp to loosen the flakes. And when child becomes a toddler, then you should wash his hairs at least three times a week because his hairs are grown longer. If you bath your child in a tub, wash always his hair towards the end of the bath. The shampoo bubbles do not remain in the water and bother his skin. Shampoos for adults contain detergents that can dry out a baby’s scalp completely, so you should always use baby shampoo to wash child’s hair.

How to use conditioners and comb/brush?

Paste a small amount of conditioner to your baby’s scalp. Trying to comb your child’s hair can be another test. Your child’s hair is likely to be full of tangles and any efforts to smoother them will be met with screaming and crying. Don’t start from the top when combing child’s hair. The conditioner will make softer the hair and enabled you to comb the tangles without hurting your child.

How to get a baby hair cut?

When your child is a one year old or so, you will have to start trimming baby’s hair. For a young child, this can be a frightening experience. Have with your child when you go for a haircut so that he sees here is nothing to fear. Go for child’s haircut when he is relaxed, for example when he finished his sleep. Some of the parents make the mistake of schedule for haircuts during nap time thinking that the child will be too sleepy to know what is happening. This will only lead to afraid and cranky child.

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