Beauty Product! Only A Genius Could Have Invented

Do you seriously agree with the idea that beauty products are something that only a genius could have created? Not really! A little bit of interest, passion to retain your beauty and some time – these are the ingredients that you need to make a perfect beauty product. Sounds more like the power puff girl formula. You will get everything nice, indeed. Beauty is a natural phenomenon, and it only comes from the inner you. The better you eat the more glowing skin you get. Similarly, the better you thin, the more relax and gorgeous you eventually become. If you do not want to spend in lots of dollar in getting the products from the market, do not worry. You can simply be a genius enough to make your own beauty products. Have a look how you can do that:

1: Face Mask:

Face Mask

As the name suggests, the basic ingredients include mashed berries, honey, lemon and yogurt. Mix both well and apply on your face for 20 minutes. It would help in reducing any spots, and eventually provide a lovely glow. You can use it thrice a week and it would provide you with the desired result.

2: Salt Spray:

Salt spray would act as a toner and clear your clogged pores. It would be perfect to treat the sunburns too. You need to dissolve the salt in warm water and put it in the spray bottle. Make sure you change the solution after every week.

3: Hair conditioner:

If you have split ends or want to get smooth hair texture, use the simplest avocado mask on your hair. It is the perfect way to nourish your hair and that even for such a small cost.

4: Face scrubs:

The simplest type of facial scrub that would bring drastic changes to you include yogurt stir in sugar. Wash your face with this mixture daily and experience what natural beauty feels like.
You can even use the peach extract mixed in milk as facial scrub – it acts as perfect exfoliating agent.

5: Grapefruits and green Tea toner:

Grape Gruit & Green Tea

If you want to clean your oily skin, than the grapefruit toner would be the best choice, it is ideal to use after the makeup and before it as well. It helps in keeping the skin soft and clear. You can even use the green tea extract as a toner. It would leave you surprised with astonishing results.

6: Eyelash miracle:

If mascara is something that bothers you, simply get over it – use olive oil to keep your lashes lively and bigger. You can apply them at night so that it gets the required nourishment. Eventually the need of putting mascara would be finished.
These are some of the lovely beauty products that you can make at home, and get the natural beauty that is your wildest desire to have. Now you are even expert in making the best products at home for you or your loved ones.

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