5 Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Current Year Must Have Celebrity Haircuts!

Current Year has proved and AMAZING year for style, fashion and not to mention those gorgeous, immense crops of hair that are gracing catwalks and red carpets everywhere! Celebrities are usually the only people to just pose their cuts out to the world, and have an instant following the next day. Hollywood hairstyles and evolving every day, so to keep up with the year, following are the 5 best haircuts that have graced Hollywood in this year.

Tapered Bangs! OOH LA LA!

From Glee’s Leah Michelle, to Legally Blonde’s Reese Witherspoon, this amazing hairstyle has proved to be one of the most popular ways to wear your hair nowadays. These bangs are essentially cut unevenly, and they level out over the eyebrow slightly. They are also longer at the sides so that the mask the face in a way that is considered attractive. Celebrities sporting this look wear it either with a full length of hair, or a shorter, more condensed version. The hairstyle embodies a more mature image than the rest of its counterparts, and is thus considered more sophisticated.




Tousled Waves! Wild And Hot!

This long, wavy body of hair is popularly worn by Desperate Housewives’ co-star Eva Longoria, as well as singer Jessica Simpson. The style has a lot of flair, and can easily be reproduced with nothing more than a curling iron. These flowing, fluids-like waves create a more romantic sensation than other hairstyles, and are to be worn when the situation calls for it.

Pixie Cuts! Short, Yet Adorable!

A more daring choice would be the short pixie cut, sported by the incredible Rihanna as well as Oscar-winner Halle Berry. This is a super-short hairstyle, easy-to-maintain, cool and calm, and very adorable. There may be a longer, wispier pixie cut, or there may be an edgier and neater cut with a touch of a banged look like Victoria Beckham. Whatever the case, the cut is sure to exude beauty and confidence to the utmost degree.

Long And Layered! Luxury At Its Best!

Fulfilling and beautiful, the long layers worn by reality star Kim Kardashian, as well as pop star Selena Gomez, are immensely popular and luxuriant. These layered locks add bounce and thickness to all types of hair regardless of their nature. However, not all face shapes are accentuated by this long hair of only one length, but gentle layers are more suitable to all people with differing face types, whether it be oval, round or heart-shaped. If it’s a bore waiting for hair to grow, extensions should be given a try, seeing as many celebrities use extensions nearly all the time!

Side-Swept Bangs! Very Classy

Having Harry Potter’s Emma Watson’s hair is considered good luck, but trying a side-swept bang will probably get you in the league. Here, the bang rests gently over the side of the forehead, and is considered a top-notch look for many face shapes. One of the hottest hairstyles, it exudes romance and class, and is one of the best ways to wear your hair, whether long or short.

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