Baby Hair Care

Many new moms are worried about their baby hair care. Because sometime babies are born with hairs even on the shoulders and sometime babies born without hairs even not on the head. If your baby is healthy then don’t worry about his or her hairs. Why babies born hairless (bald)? This is proved by the […]

Winter Hair Care Tips

Hair care is much important, but different seasons comes different changes in the weather and in our surroundings. Therefore it is much important to know how to take care of your hair and maintain the health and growth of the hair by avoiding damages with the change of seasons, especially in winter that can really […]

Vitamins for Hair Care

Vitamins are very necessary and they play a vital role for the health of hairs and also for skin. Here is some detail that what importance have vitamins for hairs. Folic Acid: This is helpful to prevent from hair loss. Folic acid helps in regeneration of healthy skin and also hair re-grow and regeneration. Vitamins […]

Oily Hair Remedies

Oily Hair Remedies for Oily Hair Care Oily hair remedies are very important for whom who are having oily hairs and scalp. Oily hair can be due to the hormonal imbalances, hygienic food, and excessive sebum that are not only affects the skin but also affect the hairs which make the hair oily and unattractive. […]

Hair Cutting Tips

you will get some important hair cutting tips about your hair cut. Right hair cut can boost your personality, it’s an art. If your hair cut is in a wrong way your personality will goes down. Every person desire to look good and at the best, now it’s quite easier to have totally different look […]