Natural Hair Care Tips

Naturally long and beautiful hair is a dream of every woman. Hair being a part of our body requires the basic nutrients. But we hardly pay heed to this. Fast moving lifestyle hardly gives us enough time to stick to proper and natural way of life. Every one now, improper diet such as fast food […]

Types of Hair by Moisture

Types of Hair by Moisture People have hairs in different types. Every person has different hair in color, diameter, length, texture and their distribution in body. Different types of hairs are classified by the level of moisturizer present in them. If you want to know that what kind of hair do you have? Follow these […]

Hair Loss Treatment

Best Tips for the great care of falling hairs. Find out the symptoms of falling hairs, its causes and how to treat your hairs. Symptoms of Hair Loss: How someone can find out that he is loosing hairs. Here are some important points; these points will lead you either you are loosing or not. Normal […]

Hair Care in Summer

Hair care in summer needs a special attention especially from drying and harmful sunrays. Humidity and chlorine from the pool can damage your hair’s cuticle and result in dry, split, brittle or frizzy hair .It’s necessary to understand the effects of summer season. We should provide you some tips and suggestion that will help you […]

Guidelines for Hair Color

Hair color is very common in people. Some of the people didn’t go to the parlor and try to color their hair at home. This is very difficult but here are some tips for you that how you can make it easy. Here are some kinds of color: Permanent color You can guise what kind […]