Dry Scalp- What Causes The Problem and What Solves It

What’s the one time when irritation and embarrassment combines in your head? Dry Scalp is a common problem irrespective of gender, region or race. Something that messes up with your looks and causes so much discomfort shouldn’t be the regular part but sometimes it takes longer period to understand the damage. Thus the result is […]

Hair Care- Nutrition That Helps Growth Of Healthy Hairs

I once heard, instead of making cucumber mask, eat it and it will work more effectively and in various ways. It is almost a pattern that people rely on the artificial masks more consistently then adding nutrition to their food menus. Obviously, like everybody else, the convenient attracts us too but it is important to […]

Split End? Let’s Figure Out The Causes Of Split End Hairs.

Split Ends Causes & Remedies @CoolHairCare.Com

It’s time for figure out the causes of split end in hair. Good and gorgeous hairs are what those plays an important role for making your personality pleasant and if you have the desired hairs you love them while enjoy your every moment. If you really want to have your desired hairs then remember one […]

8 Homemade Hair Treatments

Eggs With Crems And Yogurt For Healthy Hair

Ever looked at your grandmother’s hair and your mother’s hair and wonder how come they are so beautiful? I have done this many times. One of the reasons I have done this is because of jealousy. Their straight, long and silky hair never fails to catch anyone’s eye when they are around. The reasons behind […]

Top 12 Reasons For Hair Loss

Hormonal Issue of Hair Loss

Just like all the other living things, hair requires proper attention for their growth, and you can take tips; else they die. With this I mean the individual loss hair gradually and eventually baldness can attack. This is indeed pathetic. Many of us are not aware of the fact that we lose around 600 to […]