8 Homemade Hair Treatments

Eggs With Crems And Yogurt For Healthy Hair

Ever looked at your grandmother’s hair and your mother’s hair and wonder how come they are so beautiful? I have done this many times. One of the reasons I have done this is because of jealousy. Their straight, long and silky hair never fails to catch anyone’s eye when they are around. The reasons behind […]

Hair Extension Care Tips By Experts


  When you have thought of getting a hair extension done, its care and maintenance are two important factors which you must not overlook. It is certain that you are spending a good amounting of money to get the hair extension done, which is why you wouldn’t want them to look good for a month […]

Long Hair Care Tips That You don’t Know

Managing long hair could be very time consuming when compared to short hair. Long hair tends to get tangled very easily and when it comes to washing and drying the hair, it could take up a lot of your time. Do these long hair care tips Do trim your hair once in every three months […]

Classy Curls and Gorgeous Hair Styles

Here are a few gorgeous hairstyles for long curly hair! Casual Styles Curly hair can be layered around the sides and back for a beautiful casual hairstyle. The layers wonderfully balance out the volume of the hair that is naturally tight curly and fine. With a little mousse and hair-spray, this salon style is ready […]

5 Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Current Year Must Have Celebrity Haircuts! Current Year has proved and AMAZING year for style, fashion and not to mention those gorgeous, immense crops of hair that are gracing catwalks and red carpets everywhere! Celebrities are usually the only people to just pose their cuts out to the world, and have an instant following the […]