Classy Curls and Gorgeous Hair Styles

Here are a few gorgeous hairstyles for long curly hair!

Casual Styles

Curly hair can be layered around the sides and back for a beautiful casual hairstyle. The layers wonderfully balance out the volume of the hair that is naturally tight curly and fine. With a little mousse and hair-spray, this salon style is ready in minutes! Regular trim help maintain the shape and remove split ends. This hairstyle is most suitable for long faces.
For best results, apply styling mousse along the hair shaft, while the hair is damp. Then lift your hair up with your fingers and use a diffuser to scrunch dry hair. Move the diffuser up to the ends in circular movements. Keep the blow-drier speed low and preferably leave some moisture in the hair to dry naturally. Piece the ends with gel-wax. Also apply gel-wax to the tips of your fingers and pinch little clumps of hair in forward motion. Lift roots to add shine and texture by gently lifting strands while rubbing in gel-wax. Finish with a little hairspray applied from an arm’s length away.

Curly locks can also be pulled back into a superb up-do. I t is perfect for framing a long face of any shape in a fun-looking up-style. It suits a whole range of occasions and lasts in any weather. It is simple to re-create, but you should allow up to 2 hours styling time for hot roller setting, teasing, pinning and spraying.

Formal Styles

Highlighted hair can be elegantly blow-waved smooth from root to tip, with curls from the mid-lengths to the ends to add bounce.

To achieve this gorgeous hairstyle, first apply some styling mousse into damp hair using your palm as a measuring guide. Comb your hair into an even right part. Side parts are particularly suitable for long faces. Next, use a medium radial brush (one with pure bristles to prevent hair damage) to smooth en curly hair (or add body to straight hair). Blow-dry under the back of your hair, brushing from the roots near the nape to mid-length while keeping the blow-drier above to completely dry the hair. Then blow-dry the sides, from under each part, section by section, brushing the hair forward in a curling motion. Blow-dry the crown in an upwards direction. Then use a medium curling iron. Curl the mid-lengths of your hair and the ends by wrapping the section of the hair around the curling iron barrel and then unwinding backwards after 5-10 seconds. Apply wax to piece the ends of your hair and pinch with your fingertips. Teasing at the roots creates volume. Comb up and down from the roots of a small portion of hair until it is stands up by itself. Start at the mid section and continue to the crown and then the sides of your hair. Apply a tiny amount of smoothing shine at the mid-lengths and finish using a minimal amount of hairspray.
Another great salon style incorporates smoothed bangs to top the beautifully defined curls below. This hairstyle appeals most without glasses.
To begin, apply styling mousse hair that is slightly wet and then use a medium radial brush. Blow-dry your hair back under, followed by the left side back and then the right side back. Blow-dry the bangs forward, while keeping tension constant, evenly distributing heat over the section you are working on until it is dry. Use a medium curling iron and curl the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Piece the ends using wax. Pinch the ends of your hair to achieve a beautiful pierce effect. Apply a little smoothing shine and hair-spray. Ta-da, your formal curly hairstyle is perfected!

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