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Welcome to Cool Hair Care privacy policy.

Dear visitor when ever you visit our website we get your some personal information which is most valuable for us. We assure you that we will never use your information for illegal purpose and never sale out your valuable information. Kinds of information which we collect and why we collect are mentioned below.

Log File:

Like other websites, we also get and use data controlled in log files. Your IP address, ISP ( internet service provider) , the browser you used to visit our website , time when you visit and pages you visit this information is include in log files.


To store information like your personal preferences when you visit our site we use cookies. And we use advertising company as a third party to serve ads when someone visits our site. May be these publishers use information about your visits for this site and also other websites. May they use it to provide advertisements for services of your interest. Normally this is used to showing the related ads based on specific sites visited. If you didn’t like it then you can disable our cookies or third-party cookies in your browser settings, or by the preferences programs like Norton internet security. While, this can affect that how you are able to interact with my site. With this may you loose your ability to login to services like logging into forums.

Email addresses:

IF I get your email in case of your contacting me or give to any of our information services through email, we will never sell or share your email address.

Have you any query?

If you have any doubt or query about our privacy statement, then feel free to contact us.
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