Dry Hair Causes

Dry Hair Causes: The Main Causes of Dry Hair

Dry hair type shows that hair with the lack of oil and moisture looking brittle and dull. Causes of dry hair can be classified into two major types for better understanding.

External Causes of Dry Hair:

Main Causes for Dry Hair
These are the causes of Dry hair externally, Means Washing the hair excessively, especially with the strong
shampoo, this will be the resultant in the form of lack of moisture and leading the dry hair.
Shampoos not only washout the dust but also other useful elements (vitamins/oils) required for the health of hair too. If you don’t wash your hair as per your need it can also be damage your hair. Climate is also important factor that can be cause of dry hair. Hot, dry, less humidity weather can be cause for this. Swimming can also be causes of dry hair due to the chemicals in the water. Hair dryer is a good way to dry your hair but too much use can be damage your hair. If you spend more time in sun, swimming pool, in dry air, on motor bike or some where else in the open areas than you are at the risk of dry hair.
In Short following are the External Dry Hair Causes:

  • Harsh/strong shampoo
  • Wash hair excessively
  • Dry or hot weather
  • Swimming (spending more time without swimming cap)
  • Excessive use of Dryer (not following the stander way)
  • Spending more time in open areas (when weather is less humidity, hot, dry)
  • Hair color treatments too often
  • Medication Long illness
  • High level of minerals in local water supplies/ hard water
  • Low Quality Hair Products
  • Not washing Hair when it needed

Remember that you must purchase the hair products from well known stores or directly from company like Folica.com store with coupons. Always avoid the cheap but good looking product from unknown company or brand. Don’t put your hair on risk just for using fancy or low quality hair products.

Internal causes of Dry Hair:

Some Dry Hair experts explain that dry hair can be inherited although it is not appeared in the early age. Mostly the reason of hair dry is the resultant of the lack of vitamins that are necessary of your healthy hair. This shortage can be the result of dieting, unbalanced diet. This situation leads to the inactive oil gland on your scalp.

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