Dry Scalp- What Causes The Problem and What Solves It

What’s the one time when irritation and embarrassment combines in your head? Dry Scalp is a common problem irrespective of gender, region or race. Something that messes up with your looks and causes so much discomfort shouldn’t be the regular part but sometimes it takes longer period to understand the damage. Thus the result is your dermatologist will diagnose your scalp psoriasis (that’s the medical term for it) with a prescription of lots of medicine schedule to follow.

The dry scalp may occur at any time and with any level of aggression, yet it is important to understand the underlying reasons. To avoid it in the first place or get rid of it, there are some common discovered reasons that mostly cause dry scalp.

What Causes Dry Scalp?

Malassezia that is a form of fungi may cause skin to dry up and form those embarrassing flakes and there are number of others as well. The forms infectious allergies, we will discuss them in another post. The reasons that lead to severe dry scalp conditions are:

Dry Skin

It is obvious for your skin to react and break out if you are not providing it proper care. During the dry season or after using heavy styling products, if you don’t give your scalp a dosage of nourishing essentials your scalp may show its bad side.

Not cleaning properly

No hair stylist would recommend the shampoo wash daily. Yet the number of times an individual may need it in a week may vary on the conditions that they are surviving. For men and women, spending more time in rough outdoors frequent shampooing is suggested. However, the light massage is better for circulation and effective for cleaning without harm as well.

Dietary problems

Hair is important and so is the skin holding them together. Iron, Vitamin C, Omega 3, Vitamin A, Zinc and Selenium, Biotin and Vitamin E is a list of nutrient supply that keeps your hair strong. Be sure to include in your foods the nutrients that might not be in most foods you intake and your body won’t produce them naturally.


Glucocorticoid is produced in the body when our body tenses up to calm us down. The natural creation of these hormones may not be as lucky for your scalp and cause damage to your scalp.

How to keep scalp healthy?

It is not extremely difficult to keep your scalp happy. All you have to do is follow a hygiene routine and keep the care supply ongoing after regular intervals. The selection of products will matter in keeping your scalp clean. Try to go for standard with more natural ingredients and go for mild styling products that don’t damage your hair and scalp.

Give your body Omega 3

For hair and scalp Omega3 is known to be a great supplement for quite a while now. By strengthening the pores it ensures to prevent hair loss and keeps the skin of your head firm. For people who can’t take regular oiling schedules, the Omega3 doses in food and by means of supplement are highly recommended. Give your hairs nutrition. 

Nourish with oils

For anyone desiring for beautiful hairs and a healthy scalp, the use of coconut or olive oil is inevitable. These massages improve the circulation of blood like in any other part of your body which prevents the skin breakout.

Keep distance from Sun

You love the natural shine, beach, tanning factor but you won’t love the breakouts it will cause in your head. When you need to go in sun, keep it moderate and try to have a cover in between protecting your head to absorb the harsh rays. Make sure you only take Vitamin D from UV-B rays, not the harm.

Careful with products

Be careful with what dyes, straightening or curling products you use for your hair. Read recommended product list from the stylists and experts so that you won’t make a mistake of risking your scalp and eventually the strength of your hair.

Remember, every skin has a nature that is different from other. If you intend to give proper attention, you will have to notice your skin type and get closer to the supplements that it needs to protect itself.

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