Hair Brushes – Essential and Types

When we talk about fashion and finesse, the foremost thing that jumps to everybody’s mind is hairstyling. Reason being that one’s haircut and style can determine and shape the entire look of that person. Hairstyling is essential and of utmost importance, as without having a proper and trendy hair style, your other features will not be having the same grace and panache as they could have with a proper hair do. If left uncared for, your hairstyle can have a negative impact over your appearance and can mar all the hard work you have put in getting ready or with your make-up. Proper hairstyle can make you a style statement. Hence, men and women alike pay much attention to getting a proper haircut and to style them perfectly in order to be graceful, elegant and fashionable.
Hair Brush

When it comes to hairstyling, it can be a difficult feat to achieve perfectly every time. However, practice makes a men (in this case usually women) perfect. In order to style your hair differently and fashionably, you need to assess the hair texture and length every time. However, what is way more important than this is to be poised with the best and most appropriate tools for every different kind of hair and hair styles. Hair brushes are considered to be one of the most essential tools for hair styling. Being a multipurpose tool and having a wide array of specialized kinds and types to choose from, hair brushes are important to have at a hair stylists’ disposal.
Essentials for using a Hair Brush

•    Due to their heavy demand and hair styling needs, newer and more innovative brush designs are frequently surfacing. However, the basics about the use of a hair brush should be the first thing one should be familiar with. Following are some pointers which should never be forgotten.
•    Using a clean brush is always essential. Maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness is absolutely essential for the health of your hair and scalp. To clean a hair brush, you can use warm water along with soap or shampoo. Store your brush in a dry clean place after every use and don’t forget to pluck out the hair that gets entangled in the bristles of your brush.
•    Always choose the right brush of specialized kind for different hair types, textures, lengths and when attempting different kinds of hairstyles. Remember always that each hair brush is designed for a specific use and may give different results when it comes to hair styling.
•    For detangling your hair, you must not use a brush. A comb is the appropriate choice for that.
•    While blow drying your hair using a brush, always use the proper brush and apply heat care products on your hair to avoid any damage by heat.

Types of Bristles

When we talk about different kinds of brushes, the most prominent differentiation is based on the type of bristles. So let us get ourselves familiar with the important bristle types first.
There are basically two main types of bristles:

Boar Bristles

Boar Bristles
As the name indicates, these bristles are natural. These are known for their strength and are regarded as the best bristles when it comes to hair brushes. The brushes with boar bristles are closely packed and numerous and hence they are much more effective at removing dust particles and cleaning your hair as compared to any other kinds of brushes. The sturdy bristles are quite tough in nature which provides nice and even distribution of your natural oil or applied hair care products throughout your hair. Boar bristled brushes are certainly the best for straightening and brushing through long, curly and thick hair due to their tough nature.

Nylon Bristles

Nylon bristled brushes are made for much gentler and lighter brushing of hair. These are especially made for thin, long and fine hair. These bristles are made to be used on fragile hairs. Their flexibility is great and the bristles will never get stuck or pull through any tangles in your hair.

Different kinds of Hair Brushes

There are many different kinds of brushes you could choose from. Here are a couple of examples which can be helpful. Make sure to choose the right brush for your hair and for the style you are attempting.

The Wire Brush

Wire Pin Hair Brush
This kind of brush is designed to be used on thick and curly hair. The bristles of this brush are made very hard and thick. Using them on thin and straight hairs can hurt your scalp so you have to be extra careful when using a wire brush on thin hair.

The Military Brush

This handle less brush is designed specifically for men. This brush can be used on all kinds of hair types, lengths and textures.

The Roller Brush

This is the most common and popular brush used for blow drying as it is specifically designed for that purpose. The roller brush consists of a metal plate which heats up from the heat of the blow dryer. This makes curling and shaping much easier. The roller brush type usually consists of nylon bristles.

The Paddle Brush

Paddle Brush
This type of brush is specifically used for massaging the scalp and for straightening and flattening the hair. It is usually a flat and wide brush.
The Vent
These brushes are designed to maximize the inflow of air and to give extra volume to the hair. It is also used to smooth out the tangles sometimes. It is good to be used for thick hair. The vent brush is essentially used to give a puff or lift to the hairstyle.

The Cushion Brush

These brushes feature a pad made of usually rubber on any other synthetic material. The bristles are secured on this synthetic pad and the pad determines the flexibility of the bristles. Cushion brushes can be highly flexible in design to be used on thin and fragile hair or they can be less flexible to be used on thick and curly hair.

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