Hair Care in Summer

Hair Care Tips in Summer
Hair care in summer needs a special attention especially from drying and harmful sunrays. Humidity and chlorine from the pool can damage your hair’s cuticle and result in dry, split, brittle or frizzy hair .It’s necessary to understand the effects of summer season. We should provide you some tips and suggestion that will help you for hair care in summer.


Use sulfate free Shampoo and conditioner for hair care in summer

In summer season necessary to regular shampooing and conditioner, it’s preventing from dust and sweat. Because yours hair loses moisture in the hot summer. So, use the shampoo that is more mild than harsh, such as a sulfate-free shampoo, to prevent dryness and conditioner that adds bounce in your hair.

Hair Care in Summer and Protection from Sun

Protection From Sun in Summer
Sun affects not only your skin, it also affect your hair. It’s the enemy of your hairs because it is consist of heat, UVA, UVB rays that can damage your hair. Applying sunscreen to the hair and scalp will protect both from the sun’s damaging rays and also wear the cap and scarf from the protection of the sun rays.

Use hair products that contain SPF.

You should Use hair products that contain SPF protection. Hair products that contain moisturizers and SPF will blocks out the harmful rays of the sun, preventing long-term damage.

Overuse of heat appliances and Hair Care in Summer

During the summer, over use of hot irons and hair dryers can damage your hairs. Before using a hot iron put a leave in conditioner in your hair.

Chlorine and salt water and Hair Care in Summer

Chlorine and salt water can dry, discolor, and damage your hair. It is striping natural protein. You wash your hair thoroughly immediately upon exiting the pool every time with a clarifying shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.
Hairs are very important for your graceful personality that is why never ignoring your hair cares especially hair care in summer. You have read enough hair care in summer guidelines and I am sure that above guidelines for hair care in summer will be help full to you.

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