Hair Extension Care Tips By Experts


When you have thought of getting a hair extension done, its care and maintenance are two important factors which you must not overlook. It is certain that you are spending a good amounting of money to get the hair extension done, which is why you wouldn’t want them to look good for a month only. In order to prolong the effect, there are several hair extension care tips which you must make use of. Find out what you need to do to keep your hair hot and happening for long:
Brush, Brush and Some More Brush

This is exactly as important as brushing your teeth which means you will need to turn this into a regular regime. Remember to brush your extensions and also keep in mind that you must do so with the right kind of tools. Pick a soft bristle brush, aLooper brush for instance, will be perfect for the job. Furthermore, it will brush through your hair in the smoothest of manners without causing damage to your hair extension. The rule is to stay gentle with your hair in order to keep your hair from becoming frizzy and messy.
Have a Good Wash
Curly Hair Extension at CoolHairCare
Although your hair extensions will not get dirty like your regular hair does but a proper wash is required. You will be surprised to know that washing your hair properly is crucial to make your hair extensions look good. There is a step by step method as to how you should clean your hair. First, detangle your hair, second, you must use a good shampoo and third, do not rush with the wash and go slow.
Conditioning is a Must
Once you have washed your hair, a good quality leave-in conditioner will be excellent for your hair. Work the conditioner in a downward motion and detangle your hair using a brush. Also, remember not to use a number of nourishing products all at once. In order to keep your hair extensions healthy, condition like a pro and that is all you need to do. Ensure that you do not over-condition your hair for it may turn into a big mess.
Dry Them Naturally
Heat can cause damage to your hair and this is no-brainer. All stylists suggest that you must let your hair dry out naturally. When you leave it out to dry on its own, there are less chances that you will have to deal with tangles. So follow this tip strictly.
Tie Them Back
In case you cannot remove your clip-ins before going to sleep or before engaging in physical activity, always tie them at the back in a ponytail. You can choose to make a high ponytail or a low one depending on what you are in for.
Swimming Cap
It is obvious that you would want to get in the pool to beat the heat but you must remember that salt and chlorine and your hair’s worst enemies. For this reason, securing all your hair under a swimming cap is extremely important.
Use the above to keep your hair extensions new forever!

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