Hair Extensions- Now you too can be like Rapunzel

Want to flirt around with a new look without committing to it? Well why not give clip on hair extensions a shot? Clip on hair extensions; the simplest and safest way to add length, style, color and volume to your hair. Being affordable and light weight, hair extensions are gaining immense popularity. They are the easiest way to beautiful hair. With a little help you can be your own stylist. Experiment around and get that flawless look. And the best part is they are non-permanent so you can undo any changes you make and within seconds get back your original look. This section provides a detailed guide for all you beautiful ladies on how to maintain and use your hair extensions.

How to use hair extensions?

Before you get to work, make sure you have all your hair styling tools at the ready. Some of the things that you’ll need are clips, a wide-tooth comb and a rat-tail comb. You may also need a straightening iron or a curling iron. Firs up, prepare your hair. Make sure it is clean, and remove any tangles or knots. You should start applying your extensions from the lowest part of your scalp and then move upwards. Your first piece should either be the widest or the second widest piece in your set. Choose the point where you wish to put your first piece and from there move your finger in a straight line. Using a rat-tail comb, make a nice straight line. You are now ready to apply your clip in hair extensions. Open all the clips and center the piece by attaching the middle clip first. Now slip the clip on the root of hair right below the parting you have made. Close the clips by pressing on them. Close the outer clips once you’re through with the middle ones. Ensure that you follow the parting you’ve made. Do not apply clips on the hair above the line you’ve made. Once you’re through with the first piece, release the hair immediately above and make a new line, one inch above the previous. If required you may back comb your hair before applying the new layer. Repeat this procedure for all your pieces. Do leave a layer of your own hair to hide the clips of the extensions. Comb thoroughly to blend the extensions and your hair together. All this might seem like a difficult job but once you get it, you’ll be through in 10 minutes or less.

What next?

You might want to trim your hair to make it the right length or to make it seem more even. It is recommended that you leave this part of the job to a hairdresser. You can apply any hair style you want but remember when using dryers and curling irons, use them on low settings. And remember to take them off before going to sleep. Your hair extensions can last between 6 months to a year depending on how nice you are to them.

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