Types of Hair by Moisture

Types of Hair by Moisture

People have hairs in different types. Every person has different hair in color, diameter, length, texture and their distribution in body. Different types of hairs are classified by the level of moisturizer present in them. If you want to know that what kind of hair do you have? Follow these simple steps.

How to Test Your Hair Type

This is an easy test to check your hair type. After 2nd day of washing your hair, massage a soft cloth on the scalp, you have got normal hair if it gets oil blot. You have dry hair if there is nothing on the cloth. And you have got oily hair if hair thread attaches each other due to oil.

Characteristics of Dry Hair

Oil glands in scalp are inactive and they lack moisture that is the reason of dry hair. It may be natural condition and can get motivated by experience to the sun, using cruel shampoos and some chemical treatment. Second cause of dry hair is blocking of hole by accumulation of oil on the scalp. Hairs seem dry, split ends and dull. Your Dry hair required diet and other good care. Dry hair becomes curly after shampooing. Before using shampoo ends seem dry. Hair breaks off easily of this type and your scalp will itchy and dry. Sometimes, there are dry flakes of skin in the scalp. That is why you have to past appropriately and softly with warm conditioner minimum three times a week. And If you want to save them from the reaction of chemicals and pollution, then use mild shampoo. And do not use hair dryers and curlers on dry hair excessively.

Oily Hair:

Unnecessary secretion of oil from glands is the reason of oily skin and then oily Hair. And in this case scalp gets oily too. You have to wash regularly hairs if you have oily hairs. Oily hairs can be washed daily or each second day. Oils and shampoos having henna are best for oily hairs. Avoiding oily foods should prevent from unnecessary secretion of oil.

Normal Hair

If you have not greasy, dry but shining hairs then these are perfect hair type. Correct and standard care and balanced diet is very necessary to keep shining and healthy hair.

Grouping Hairs:

Grouping hairs have oily scalp and dry end hairs. These ends are rip and do not match with root hair.

The Basic purpose of discussing the Hair type is just to understand the status of your hair health. This status is showing that what type of hair treatment are good for your hair.
So Understand your Hair, Feed your hair well and get strong, shiny and beautiful hairs for a confident personality.

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