Home Remedies for Damaged Hair Care

Damaged Hair Care
Damaged hair needs special attention. In fashionable world everybody wants to look beautiful. So, we are constantly using the tools, chemicals treatment impose on hairs. These tools or chemicals remove the natural oil from the hair. Therefore, hairs are damaged and dry. Now a day’s damaged hair is a common problem for most of the women. It’s very important to take care of your damaged and brittle hairs. Here are some useful tips and home remedies for damaged hair so that your damaged hair remains under control and you feel happy.

Choose right shampoo for damaged hair care

Avoid daily shampooing of hair unless it is extremely necessary. Because daily shampooing can damage your hair and avoid harsh shampoos .use a shampoo with protein enriched which is very gentle on the hair. Choose conditioner that has fatty acids and acetyl alcohol in it. It’s the best home remedy for damaged hair care.

Hair coloring products and dyes for damaged hair

You should avoid Hair coloring products and dyes especially cheap hair coloring products that can make your hair damaged and harsh. Hair colors normally consist of chemicals that can damage your hair and restrict their growth.

Oil as a home remedy for damaged hair

You should apply oil on damaged hair before washing. Castor oil, olive oil and almond oil are better for damaged hair. As a home remedies for damaged hair you can use these oil for massage on your scalp. You can also apply mixture of two or three oil. It’s best for your damaged hair.

Regular trim for damaged hair care

Damaged Hair Trimming
You should trims of your hair regularly. Every 6-8 weeks to trim off the spilt ends. This home remedy for damaged hair is not affect directly but indirectly helps your damaged hair.

Other Home remedies for damaged hair.

Here are some other homemade remedies you can use at home and make your damaged hair healthy and shiny.

Use vitamin E treatment

Use vitamin E treatment on your hair. You break open 4-5vitamin E capsules and combine with mild shampoo. Vitamin E makes hair look healthy and shiny.

Vinegar Treatment

Vinegar best for your hair natural shine. Apple cider vinegar is milder than other vinegar. Mix vinegar with water and wash hair from this mixture after shampoo.

The Best Home remedy for damaged hair:

Egg treatment

Beat two eggs with some water. Apply this mixture on your damaged hairs and leave for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash out with mild shampoo.

If you want other home remedies and masks for damaged hair care, please visiting dry hair care home remedies. It’s also useful for damaged hair care.

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