Hot Oil Treatment- A Remedy Affordable by All

Giving your hair a hot oil treatment is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. It is an inexpensive luxury with a multitude of benefits. Hair is a vital part of a person’s beauty and self confidence so proper care is essential. Your hair is engaged in a constant battle against environmental issues such as varying temperature conditions, pollution and humidity. Excessive combing and the use of blow dryers, straighteners, curlers and streamers can result in weak and damaged hair. All this may cause your hair to start falling out altogether. The effect on black hair is worst due to its inherent nature of being dry. So give your hair a break and give it a oil massage every once or twice a week. As you will see in this article, hair oil is essential for healthy and beautiful hair.

The advantages of hot oil treatment

Hot oil revitalizes the hair. It undoes any hair damage by hair products. It hydrates the hair and gives it back its lost shine. Massaging the hair with hot oil increases blood circulation and so keeps the scalp dandruff free. It keeps your hair moisturized and frizz free. Also it stimulates the growth of new hair so it is a good way to fight hair fall. A regular hot oil treatment is a good way to ensure thick and healthy hair. Hot oil strengthens the hair and keeps it from getting brittle or developing split ends.

Most importantly hot oil mitigates the chemical damage caused by different hair dyes.

Hair is primarily composed of a protein known as keratin. Heated coconut oil has been proved to protect hair from excessive protein loss. It also keeps the hair dark and shiny. Apart from that Amla oil has been shown to enrich hair growth. Hot castor oil is one of the best known remedies for fighting hair thinning as it stops hair breakage. Using tea tree oil is also a good remedy as it has antiseptic properties. Argan oil is good too as it is known to have multiple beneficial properties.

How to apply “How often to apply”

Generally you should oil your hair every once a week, but if your case is severe then you should increase the frequency. To heat the oil, boil some water in a pan. Then put the bottle of oil in the pan and wait. Before applying the oil to your scalp you should test it on your wrist. Be careful as hot oil can lead to painful burns. Dampen your hair and then massage your scalp with the warm oil. Using your fingertips work your way from the roots to the ends. Heat a towel with a dryer and wrap it around your hair for 20 minutes.

Besides providing nourishment for hair, hair oil is also known to reduce stress levels and keep you relaxed. So now you know what to do. Go get yourself a bottle of oil and watch your hair grow longer, healthier and livelier in no time.

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