How to Deal With Baby Hair

Just like every adult hair, baby hair also needs to be cared utterly because baby hair is very delicate just like their skin. The hair products for babies need to be tender so their hair does not get damaged.

Care for baby hair – Slowly and Gently

  • Do not shampoo every day. Babies have a very little amount of hair on their head so they don’t require shampooing on a regular basis.
  • Do not apply pressure on the baby’s scalp. Especially when brushing or combing the hair or when applying shampoo over the scalp as babies’ head are very soft.
  • Get your baby’s hair trimmed by a professional. A professional is not only an expert but also has experience. Babies may move a lot when it comes to trimming their hair. So you need to be careful to not to hurt them with the scissor or the blade.
  • Prevent any unnecessary tangling. Unnecessary tangling will cause damage to the hair and this may result in hair fall.

Baby Hair Shampoo

Only use baby shampoo which is made ideally for baby hair. Baby shampoo does not consist of any sulfates and their pH are usually within the range of 4.5 to 6. This does not cause any inflammation to the eyes if by chance the shampoo gets into the baby’s eyes. If there is any doubt about the pH of the baby shampoo, get a Nitrating paper from the pharmacy to check the pH of the shampoo. A shampoo with pH above 7 is likely to cause hair tangles thus resulting in hair damage. You can find any suitable baby shampoo and other baby hair products from the well know online stores like Folica and Zenmed etc. You can also get Yves Rocher Promo Codes to get discount on your online order on these stores.

Treating cradle cap

Cradle cap is the reddish pink patches on the scalp which usually occurs in the first few months of a baby’s life. These are nothing to worry about as cradle cap can be treated very easily and that too right at home.

  • Use a mild baby shampoo and shampoo the baby’s scalp every day.
  • Lightly brush with a soft bristle brush to loosen the scales. A fine toothed comb can also be used but it should be used very tenderly.
  • If the cradle cap symptoms remain for more than three weeks, then is better to get in touch with a pediatrician who will suggest some sort of ointment containing hydrocortisone. This helps in reducing inflammation on the scalp.

Your baby’s hair can be manageable with just enough care and a bit of knowledge.
These are the some basic tips for your baby hair care. You can explore more advance tips and guidelines for your baby hair care by exploring baby hair care section.

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