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Hair Dryer Uses
Hair dryers have become one of the trendy and versatile styling tools for a number of people and an important part of our daily lives. Earlier hair dryers were used to blow dries your hair. But now hair dryers are available for advance use like trying several creative hair styles. Further, majority of the modern hair dryers are designed using latest technologies that not only give extra shine to your hair but also help you to derive healthy hair styling result. Folica hair dryers and other hair products are liked all over the world because of their hair product quality but also the Folica coupon codes that help the users to get quality hair products like hair dryer on discounted rates. Ceramic hair dryers are a much preferred choice among many leading hair stylists. Discussed further in this article are some of the uses of hair dryer

Read Hair Dryer Manual

When purchasing a new dryer, you should always read the manual to understand the features along with any important safety information. It’s also good to know when the right time to replace it is.

Use of Heat Activated Hair Product:

Hair Dryer Care
Before blow-drying, remember to apply a heat-activated hair product to your hair. These styling products contain additives that coat the hair strands with a defensive layer. This reduces the damages done by the direct heat other wise they may cause hair split end.

Use Hair Dryer Step by Step

Keep in mind to work in small sections of hair at a time. Not at all let the heat from the dyer to rest on one particular section for more than ten seconds at a time. You will get the best results, if you keep the dryer moving through hair the whole time.

Use of Hair Dryer with standard Temperature

Never use very high temperature setting. If you do so, use it for a short period of time.

Hair Conditioner before the Use of Hair Dryer:

Using leave-in hair conditioners will protect the hair by forming a protective coat against heat damage.

Use of Hair Dryer after Take Bath:

Bath Before Hair Dryer
If you will use the dryer after you take a bath, see to it that you have taken out the excess water on it. You have to towel- dry your hair first in order to achieve better outcome. In that way, your hair will dry up faster.

Hair Dryer and Wet Hair Brush:

Do not use a brush with wet hair and hot blow dryer – it’s a sure-fire recipe to damage your hair.

Hair Dryer Position while Drying Hair:

Never hold the hair dryer too close to the scalp lest it burn your skin. Hold the hair dryer closer than 12 inches from your hair.

Use of Hair Dryer for Long Hair:

If you are drying long hair, you have to make sure that none of it gets up in to the fans. This can painfully pull the hair right out of your head. Many modern dryers are designed in such a way to prevent this from occurring.

Hair dryers are very important in achieving great hairstyles. Maintaining a healthy hair is never been this easy. With blow dryers, you can be confident that your hair will always shine. Hair care is one of the top concerns these days and the reason for this is our daily routine. Therefore, always make sure that you are using quality products for your hair so that you are always able to keep your hair looking good. So when you are thinking about buying a blow hair dryer, make sure that buy the best hair dryer to ensure the proper care of your hairs.

Hair Dryer

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