Is Wearing Makeup Unvirtuous?

In the capitalist world we live in, often two distinct words are confused as one. The perfect example which can be taken into consideration to understand the statement is the example of beauty and makeup. People are now persuaded to believe that makeup is a part of beauty and beauty can be enhance by beauty products. However, it is not so. As the spellings and pronunciation of both words is different, so are their meanings. When talking about whether makeup is unvirtuous, it is first important to understand what beauty is. Beauty is God gifted and therefore natural. Makeup, on the other hand, is just attached to beauty, however is rather artificial in its essence.
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In addition to this, one must think and ponder over the fact that beauty gives pleasure to the senses while makeup is simply used to enhance the facial features or even redo them just like those actors in the movies. In other words, makeup can be considered as one way of telling God that He has made mistakes in creating what you are today. Human beings take their forms from God itself so by fixing what is already natural and beautiful it is not wrong to say that you may imply that is not beautiful too.
Makeup can be looked at as a means of deviating from what God has considered to be beautiful. Having these theatrical masks on, not only harms us in the long run but also makes it difficult for individuals to sift out the genuine from the fake. Make up or cosmetics as most people call it generally refer to soaps, powders, creams may look very beautiful on the skin for the first couple of uses but as you continue using them, these lead to damage your skin without you even realizing it. Often people wonder why they look older than their age, the reason lies in makeup. Cosmetics age your skin as a result of which natural beauty is lost and you appear older to yourself and to others as well.
In addition to these cosmetics, makeup also takes into account the indecent trends people follow only because they have seen their favorite actors do so. These include getting painted on the skin, eyes, mouth, bleaching the body to look fairer and dressing indecently to attract the members of the opposite sex hence leading to increased trend of prostitution.
A major reason why makeup has become increasingly popular is the companies behind such products. In an attempt to generate more and more profits, the natural beauty of the individuals is being lost day by day. Such companies make women appear beautiful which rises the emotions and intentions among other women to look the same. Makeup products are generally sold by creating a need in the masses thereby persuading that they are in need for high quality cosmetics. This drives people to buy it because they lose faith in God’s creation hence try to turn it around by artificial elements. In all, the use of makeup is unvirtuous mainly because of the intentions and long lasting impacts it generates.

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