Long Hair Care Tips That You don’t Know

Managing long hair could be very time consuming when compared to short hair. Long hair tends to get tangled very easily and when it comes to washing and drying the hair, it could take up a lot of your time.

Do these long hair care tips

Do trim your hair once in every three months so there are no split ends. Split ends causes the hair to break off and at one point your hair may lose its beauty. And if you really wish to maintain a healthy long hair, then you ought to trim it before the split ends form.

Always detangle your hair by dividing it into sections and go in the downwards direction while detangling your hair.

Detangle your hair gently. Pulling hard may make your hair break from its roots.

It is good to detangle your hair before taking a bath and not after taking a bath. Detangling wet hair is difficult and it weakens the hair roots.

Use a satin or a silk pillow case because cotton pillow case causes breakage of hair. This is because hair on the cotton pillow gets caught and will break while you toss and turn on your bed.

When sleeping, make a high ponytail with your hair lying on the front of your shoulders and not at the back.

Wearing a satin or a silk scarf over your head would also work as an alternative to silk or satin pillow.

It is essential to brush your hair frequently as this spreads the oil across the hair and also keeps the blood circulating on the head. Also use long strokes when brushing, that is from the roots to the tips and after brushing stroke your hand over the hair to get rid of static current.

Don’t follow these tips about long haircare

  • Don’t sleep with a tight ponytail or a braid as this gives stress to the scalp resulting in hair fall. In fact, hair styling should never be so tight that it would hurt the head.

  • Avoid using clips, bows or untreated bands which may cause breakage of hair.Refrain from using a brush when detangling your hair as brush usually stretches the hair. Rather use a wide toothed comb or your fingers.
  • Never rub your hair with a towel as this may tangle your hair. Just blot the water out of your hair.

To sum it up, if you wish to have a beautiful long hair without any problems of hair fall, hair damage, or split ends, just follow the above mentioned tips. These simple tips are enough to get you that ideal long hair which you have always dreamed of.

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