Oh It’s DANDRUFF! Why Do I have Dandruff?

What is Dandruff Actually?

Dandruff Fall on Coat @Coolhaircare
What the Dandruff is? Dandruff is actually the tiny little flake of white part in one’s scalp that can be seen as small pieces of dead skin and they may be little yellow as well; those fell on shoulders while rubbing or combing the hairs. The dandruff is little embracing as one is getting ready for going to attend the party, he/she dresses up do the  makeover and in the last he/she combs the hair and as comb is in the hairs the dandruff is out at rite that time on the shoulders and its really feels awkward.

Is Dandruff Embracing?

Dandruff’s flacks are easily notable especially when the one is wearing dark colour and it falls on the shoulders. When one is having dandruff his/her skin may feel itchy. Dandruff can be in the range of mild to severe so yes it is embracing.

Dandruff Reasons:

Let’s discuss the dandruff reasons, it is very important to know those reasons that may result for someone’s dandruff and can disturbed the personality and mood both at the same give the worry as well.
So most importantly it is been observed that washing the hairs too often makes your hairs dry and this dryness causes as well as washing hairs too late also cause the dandruff. People having extra ordinary oily or extra ordinary dry hairs can have dandruff.
Well there may be other reasons as well for having dandruff such as weather change may cause the dandruff when weather becomes too cold a person can have dandruff as the texture of the scalp / hair is already dried and dry / cold weather makes it more and more dry so dandruff occurs, similarly the person who is having oily hairs and oily scalp for them as weather becomes too warm rite then he/she can have dandruff because of the more oil produced in the scalp.

Stress and Dandruff:

Stress & Hair Dandurff @CoolHairCare
Other reasons are yet to be known those include stress and extra ordinary use of hair products. Lets first discuss about stress; what is stress? Stress is the condition that affects the mental and emotional pressure so when someone is under the stress the whole behaviour of the particular person gets change similarly it affects the hormones and due to the hormonal disturbances one can have dandruff.

Extra Ordinary Use of Hair Products and Dandruff:

Now let’s discuss about the extra ordinary use of hair products. Yes extra ordinary use of hair products also can cause of having dandruff, as already been mentioned that too using shampoo too often cause the dandruff except of this too much use of other hair products also cause the dandruff such as using Gel, using Hair Dryer, using Blow Dryer, Coloured hair spray, hair Mousses causes the dandruff.

Psoriasis and Eczema Relate Dandruff:

Persons with some serious skin issues can also have dandruff such as Psoriasis or Eczema. Psoriasis is the condition in which there are red patches on the skin and can be seen anywhere on the body these patches are itchy and can be cause of having dandruff on the other hand Eczema also skin becomes itchy, dry and cracked. Eczema is a long term condition and effected part may bleed if it turns to seriousness and causes the dandruff.

Obesity and Dandruff:

O Yes, it’s really necessary to mention about the obesity. Persons who are over weighted can also have the dandruff as obesity disturbs the hormonal system and due to this dandruff occurs.

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