Protect Your Hair during Summer Season

All of us are aware that the sun rays in summer causes damage to the skin and can speed up aging process and can also possibly trigger cancer. So it will be good that you protect your hair from the scorching sun rays. Hair damage from the sun can cause hair color to fade, become brittle and dry. The UV-rays can cause permanent damage to the outside layer of the hair and can penetrate into the center of the hair and cause all sorts of damage. Hence you ought to take special care of your hair during this summer season.

Tips for hair protection during summer

1.The Uses of Sun Protection Filter:

It is good to use sun protection filters which protect the hair from UV rays. The worst thing you can do to your hair is to hang out in the sun with no protection to your hair and scalp. To avoid damage to the hair use leave-in hair products this contains SPF protection.

2.Avoid Static Electricity

To prevent static electricity in your hair, when washing apply a conditioner that adds moisture and shine to your hair. Another alternative is to apply a “leave-in” conditioner after drying the hair. Leave in hair conditioners are made to penetrate or settle down into the outer layer of the hair thus protecting your hair from any damage.

3-Protection from Hot Curling Tools

Try not to use blow dry and hot curling tools every day during summer. Give some break to your hair during the summer months. Also consider letting your hair air dry and avoid curling the hair.

4-Hair Care and Extremely Hot Weather

During an extreme hot weather, wear your hair up in a knot, bun or braids. Use a deep-cleansing shampoo and dab conditioner on the ends and the frizziest parts of your hair when washing your hair. Then pin it up or wrap it in plastic and sleep on it. By following this method absent moisture from the ends of your hair will be restored.

5-Trim your Hair in Summer

Regularly trim your hair during summer. It is good to have the ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks. When your ends are especially fizzy, it is a sign that they are either damaged, having split ends, or both.

6-Use Natural Hair Products in Summer

Use natural hair products during the months of summer. Refrain from using any products that contains alcohol or formaldehyde since they can cause excessive dryness to the hair. Always read the labels thoroughly before buying any hair care product.

7-SPF Protection in Summer

Check out if the leave-in heat protection spray and conditioner has listed Octyl Methyoxycinnamate in their ingredients. This works as a sunscreen ingredient. If you really want to protect your hair from the sun, and then make sure the products you use list an actual SPF protection.

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