Sleeping with Long Hair

A lot of girls have that problem of waking up to find all their hair in a mess. And with long hair it gets especially tough. Then it really gets annoying as the first thing they do when they wake up is untangle all the knots. However it’s not really that big of a deal and any case of “œbed heads” can be treated if you take the proper precautions the night before.

Wrong Habit At Sleeping Bed

A lot of people have a habit of tossing and turning during their sleep. This can really give hair a bad time. It causes the hair to roughen up. When someone tosses and turns in their sleep, they drag and rub their heads and thus hair against the fabric of their pillows. This rubbing results in roughing up the surface of the hair and leads to it tangling and getting tied up. However we know how important it is for people to get their beauty sleep so here are a few simple steps that you should take to make sure your hair doesn’t feel like someone’s chew toy when you wake up in the morning.

Loose Braid at Bed Time

To avoid this you can make a braid for the night. Many longhairs make one braid, or double braids on both the sides. By minimizing the movement your hair can get at night you restrict the damage that might occur. Your hair won’t get in the way as you sleep and it’ll be much easier to comb in the morning. If you have straight hair then you will probably have some loose waves after upbraiding it.

“Bun on top of Head” Technique

Another alternative is buns. Buns are a bit tricky to use. Although it is a more protective solution, it can get uncomfortable. Plus its difficult to get your hands on a bun that will not pull your hair while you’re lying. Also you would need to put the bun on the top of your head.

Sleeping Cap is more Suitable

Another solution is to wear a Sleeping cap. A sleeping cap is one of the most effective ways of keeping your hair from damage and ensuring it stays tangle free.

Silk Pillow Case

A silk pillow case is an excellent alternative to a sleeping cap if you cant handle all those remarks and smirks about being old fashioned. However Silk pillow cases do not come cheap so you might want to rethink that.
Also use a silk or satin pillowcase. These fabrics are smooth and so reduce the effect of friction on your hair.

If you don’t want to go for any of the above ideas then simply do what most long hairs go. Simply pile it up, tie it with a ribbon, and put your hair above your head while you are lying. This way it won’t get in your way and get damaged. Also you may want to brush your hair before going to sleep. This may seem to be a simple idea but brushing ensures you wake up with minimal knots. Think of it this way. It’ll be one less to take care of in the morning.

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