10 Basic Guidelines for Babies Hair Care

Babies are God’s way of reminding us how beautiful life can tend to be. Seeking constant attention is the most adorable creation of God. New parents may often feel overwhelmed or distracted by the many needs of the new member of the family. All these new demands make it easy to overlook the importance of […]

How to Deal With Baby Hair

Just like every adult hair, baby hair also needs to be cared utterly because baby hair is very delicate just like their skin. The hair products for babies need to be tender so their hair does not get damaged. Care for baby hair – Slowly and Gently Do not shampoo every day. Babies have a […]

Myths and Facts about Babies Hair – You Can’t Believe

The moment when you hold your little angel in your arms for the first time it feels like the best thing in the world to have him. How you wish to give your darling every ounce of love you have within you caring for his each and every need. Well one of these is the […]

Natural Hair Care Tips

Naturally long and beautiful hair is a dream of every woman. Hair being a part of our body requires the basic nutrients. But we hardly pay heed to this. Fast moving lifestyle hardly gives us enough time to stick to proper and natural way of life. Every one now, improper diet such as fast food […]

Baby Hair Care

Many new moms are worried about their baby hair care. Because sometime babies are born with hairs even on the shoulders and sometime babies born without hairs even not on the head. If your baby is healthy then don’t worry about his or her hairs. Why babies born hairless (bald)? This is proved by the […]