10 Basic Guidelines for Babies Hair Care

Babies are God’s way of reminding us how beautiful life can tend to be. Seeking constant attention is the most adorable creation of God. New parents may often feel overwhelmed or distracted by the many needs of the new member of the family. All these new demands make it easy to overlook the importance of […]

The Perfect Timing and Procedure of Washing Your Baby’s Hair

The procedure and timing of shampooing a baby’s hair is just as important as shampooing itself is. Many new parents fail to understand that timing and procedure is crucial for the healthy scalp of your baby. These days the stores are full of shampoos that are especially designed for the baby’s soft and tender body, […]

How To Wash Hair

How to Wash Hair: Secret of Healthy and Shiny Hair Washing hair is the basic step of hair care. Many people don’t care to wash their hair on a right way. Washing hair in a wrong way can damage your hair. So it’s very important you must know that what type of hair you have […]