The Perfect Timing and Procedure of Washing Your Baby’s Hair

The procedure and timing of shampooing a baby’s hair is just as important as shampooing itself is. Many new parents fail to understand that timing and procedure is crucial for the healthy scalp of your baby.
These days the stores are full of shampoos that are especially designed for the baby’s soft and tender body, with a no tear formula has become rather popular amongst parents.


Wet your baby’s hair thoroughly first, using a little plastic bowl or jug can be useful for this, as the noise and speed of a shower head can be overwhelming for the baby. Spread a few drops of the shampoo between the palms of your hands and slowly start to apply it over its scalp. Making sure you do not apply too much pressure on the fragile skull of the baby.

Gently massaging the scalp can produce a soothing affect take this opportunity to clean up behind his ears and then watch his whole body with fresh tap water in order to be certain that all the soap and shampoo is washed away.

These days’ baby towels usually come with a hood to help dry the baby’s hair. It is advisable not to rub too hard as your little angel’s hair tend to be more fragile and may break off a lot more easily than yours or mine. Te baby doesn’t really have much hair to begin with so the concept of blow drying is completely out of the question. As it may burn the skill cells of your darling causing him much pain and suffering.

If your baby hasn’t got much hair, you only need to rinse his scalp during the bath, by pouring some water over it with your hand or a jug. Supporting your baby during a bath is very important as at this tender age any injury could be fatal. And so it is advisable to position yourself in such a way that


A number of babies do not really like taking baths as the water in their eyes tend to cause irritations. So, it’s necessary to shampoo babies during their happiest part of the day. This would make them less fussy and shampooing easier.

Frequent shampooing is not recommended during the first few weeks of life as this can upset the delicate balance of your baby’s skin flora. A baby could be shampooed every one or two days when enough hair is grown. Neither is recommend nor it is necessary to give your baby daily baths. It is often suggested that an infant’s hair is washed on an ‘as needed basis’. Different parents have different ideologies some prefer giving their infants baths in the morning while others at night is completely up to you and but keep in mind from your babies behaviors when the baby likes it the most.

In a nut shell, a baby’s hair and scalp is much more sensitive and delicate than an adult hair. Therefore, parents have great responsibility in taking good care of it. Tips mentioned above must be followed while shampooing you baby so that the freshness and sensitivity is maintained forever.

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