Tips to Choose The Perfect Comb – The Dos And The Don’ts

Hair styling is perhaps the most important art every person, especially women desire to learn and master. Why?? Because hairs are the most prominent feature in your overall look and attire. Hair styling can make or break one’s entire appearance and attire. No matter how well you dress, how fabulous your make-up is or how stylish everything in your attire seems to be; if your hair are not done and styled properly, you might as well have done nothing with your appearance as that is exactly how you will be looked at.
The art of hairstyling is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is difficult to style hair as they differ in nature, texture, length and so many other parameters. To be a perfect stylist, one must keep all of these things in mind. Since most of us are only concerned with our own hair, keeping in mind the essentials about our hair only will do the trick. Mastering the art of hairstyling need lots of practice, however that is not the only thing you would need. Having the perfect and appropriate tools at your disposal is absolutely essential to attempt a perfect hairstyle and bypassing the flaws. Combs are one of THE most important tools when it comes to hair styling. They are essential in detangling, parting or styling your hair. Combs are even used to give your hair a proper trim.
Essential factors regarding combs and their use

Tips to Choose Perfect Comb

Using the combs properly and of the perfect kind is extremely important because different kinds of combs can make up entirely different hairstyles. For beginners, here are a couple of pointers they should grasp and never forget when it comes to using a comb.
•    Always choose the right comb. This differentiation can be based on two aspects. First and foremost, one should always choose a comb according to their hair length, texture and type. Secondly, choosing a comb is also heavily dependent on the style or hair-do you are attempting. Hence, one should keep these factors in mind when it comes to choosing a comb.
•    Go for a comb with soft or rounded edges instead of those sharp blunt ones which can hurt your hair and scalp.
•    Always, always use a clean comb. Hygiene is extremely important for your hair and your hair styles.
•    You should keep your comb clean. Cleaning combs weakly is sort of a standard for hair styling and hygiene. For proper cleansing you can use either a mixture of lemon and vinegar or a mixture of warm water and soap or shampoo. Both work well.
•    Use good quality combs. They might be a fair bit expensive but it will be worth it. Avoid using combs having easily breakable teeth which may get stuck in your hair.

Different Types of Combs

Combs are available in a wide array of types and kinds, best suited for particular kinds of styling and for a specific use. It is absolutely and utterly essential for everyone to learn about these kinds and types of combs as different type of combs give different results when it comes to hair styling. Here we are providing a brief overview of some of the most important kinds of combs you should definitely know about.

Wide Toothed Comb


The wide toothed comb is one of the most popular and widely used types of combs. They are mostly used to detangle hair. These are designed to be used for every type of hair texture, length and thickness. Wide toothed combs provide you with a smooth run through the hair preventing hair breakage. They are certainly the best kind to be used after a bath or a shower to put the hair back into shape.

The Regular Comb


The regular comb is used widely for everyday use. They are used by men and women alike to just give a usual brushing of hair. These regular combs are designed in a way that their teeth are moderately apart. Not too far as the wide toothed comb, nor too close. The regular comb best serves for long, wavy and straight hair. They can also be helpful in detangling hair.

The Rat Tail Comb


This comb is especially designed in a way so as to have extremely close and fine teeth. The rat tail combs are generally about 10 inches long. These characteristics make them a perfect tool for portioning and sectioning of hair. The rat tail combs are also used for certain specialized functions which include application of hair care products and for putting extensions as their fine teeth can go in the exactly appropriate places.

The Pick Comb


The pick comb is designed to perfection especially for the use of detangling fluffy, kinky and curly hair. The pick comb is also used for the purposes of adding volume to the hair and to separate out curls which have been recently styled without messing them up and causing your hard work to go to waste.

Hairstyling with Specific Combs

Teased Hairstyles

teased hairstyle

Teased hairs are one of the most common and popular hair styles. There are specific teasing combs designed solely for the purposes of teased hairstyles, however pick combs can also work fine if you do not have a specialized teasing comb at your disposal.

Metal Pinned Styling Combs



These combs are designed for a wide variety of styling purposes and techniques. These can be used to create perfect parting and sectioning, for curling and even for detangling your hair. The uses are numerous and remarkable.

Detangling and Hair-Care Product distribution


If you have kinky, frizzy hair and you wish to straighten those entangled locks of your hair without much pain and harm to your hair, wide toothed comb is the thing for you. These combs smooth out your hair ever so gently and without much hassle. Furthermore, a variety of combs are there which you can employ for the use of spreading hair care products like hair mousse and shining serums evenly on your hair. These will give you better results than using your fingers.

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