Top 12 Reasons For Hair Loss

Just like all the other living things, hair requires proper attention for their growth, and you can take tips; else they die. With this I mean the individual loss hair gradually and eventually baldness can attack. This is indeed pathetic. Many of us are not aware of the fact that we lose around 600 to 900 hair strands on a daily basis, and this is pretty normal. The reason behind this hair loss is the growth of newer strands while replacing the old ones. However, if you notice that you are losing hair abnormally or more than usual, then you must be considering it. At such a critical point, you must see a doctor and inquire about the cause of the hair loss.
There are ample amount of factors leading to hair loss, I have listed down the most common ones. Let’s see what have they for your knowledge;

1: The Hormonal Issue;

Hormonal Issue of Hair LossHormones are the growth triggering factor in the human body, if they stop performing their function properly, you can suffer greatly. Similarly, if the hair growth hormone is improperly working then that is the real culprit. This problem is something that cannot be known until and unless you visit the doctor or go for a medical test. Many times the issue of the hormonal disorder is hereditary as well. If it is in your genes, then there is a very little chance that you can overcome the effects. However, baldness is very uncommon in women, but men seem to be the victim mostly.
If we particularly talk about women, after the pregnancy the complaint about the hair loss is not very unusual. This is because of the medications which disturb the hormone functions, but it gets fixed over the time.

2: Due To Prolonged Sickness:

The hair follicle is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and indeed, the constant medical doze imbalances its functionality. The hair loss occurred due to this particular reason can be rejuvenated easily. However, you must be taking care of your hair before it’s too late to recover the loss. You must be very careful if you have been suffering from the following diseases;
• Prolonged High Flu & Fever
• Abnormal Thyroids
• Lethal Diseases Like Cancer
• Fungus Infection
• Chronic Illness
• Alopecia

3: Nutritional Deficits:

Those who diet, eat unhealthy food, or at least consume less than what is required, definitely lose hair. Also, in case of eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, the hair growth follicles get ceased. Other than this, deficiency of minerals, proteins and vitamins also lead to hair problems.

4: Aging:

It is said that one has the best quality hair till mid-40’s and early 50’s. As people age, they start to lose hair. It is a natural phenomenon, so you have to bear with it.

5: Use of Styling Tools:

What is the advantage of using such hair styling tools that effect your hair growth or cause them to fall? You might come up with answer that it is good to use them because you want to carry different looks. Hold on – sometime it is fine, maybe twice a month. What about those who use it almost every other day? They don’t have the right to complain either – when you keep on using rollers, curlers, dryer and other related stuff, you hair use their strength, and this leads to breakage.

6: Dirty Hair Brush:

Almost 95 percent of the people are yet unknown to this – a dirty brush or comb leads to hair fall too. It is because they carry germs, if left unclean. Make sure you wash your brush with baking soda mixture every twenty days.

7: Usage of Chemicals

Indeed, colored hair, extensors, rebounding and perming do make you look gorgeous; but, if that is all what you want, a short term beauty, than its OK. Otherwise, it is worst possible act to do. You hair are living beings too – treat them with love. The chemicals that are mixed in all these hair products kill the hair and they start losing their strength. Hair care should be the first priority; make sure you ask dermatologist and hair expert about the care that you should do in order to keep them healthy.

8: Heating Hair:

Heated-Hair-DryerThe hair has a natural shine and moisture; however, overheating with curler or straightened, you kill them and they lose the natural charm. So, it is recommended to use these kinds of option occasionally.

9: No Hair Cuts:

Even if your aim is to grow your hair long, make sure you get haircuts after each 4 months. Get the logic hair – dead ends (split ends) start growing after 3 or 4 months, and they consume all the nourishment that you are taking. They eat up the hair care portion, and this is how you are left with almost no more healthy hair.

10: No Oils:

It is essential of scalp and hair follicles, so get into the habit of hair massage. You can use any oil you want – coconut, olive, mustard, tea tree oils. Otherwise, you may end up losing your beautiful and shiny hair.

11: Aggressive Brushing:

At time, you brush your hair in a way that you will miss your flight within seconds. Stop and think, they want your polite and humble behavior. Also, never try to brush your wet hair; let them get dry a little bit and then you can run wide comb easily. Also, when your hair is wet, don’t brush from the roots; you can first brush the strands and later the roots part.

12: Various Reasons:

Many times you do not know, but the major damage to hair is caused because of you only. Keep your mind open towards hair care. Pay attention to hair growth, management and needs. Nourish them by eating well; apply oil and other solutions that help in growth. Refrain from hair stylish products and other habits like using tight elastics, bands and accessories that lead to breakage.

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