Vitamins for Hair Care

Natural Vitamins For Hair
Vitamins are very necessary and they play a vital role for the health of hairs and also for skin.
Here is some detail that what importance have vitamins for hairs.

Folic Acid:

This is helpful to prevent from hair loss. Folic acid helps in regeneration of healthy skin and also hair re-grow and regeneration. Vitamins of folic acid not only help to stop hair loss but it is very useful to prevent from future hair loss. When ever a man is incomplete in folic acid, then sometimes he turns into totally bald. Folic acid is also available at counter in addition. But vitamins from foods which you eat are the best.

Vitamin “E”:

Vitamin E is very compulsory to growing healthy blood circulation, so it helps to make sure that the scalp has sufficient blood circulation as well. Vitamin E is founded in green vegetables.

Vitamin “B”:

If you want to stop your hair losing then you can’t ignore vitamin B. Because this vitamin is serious for the growth of hair. Foods loaded in Vitamins B include cauliflower, carrots, peas, bran, nutritional yeast, nuts and eggs.

Vitamin “A”:

Lemon and Hair Care
Vitamin A is not only best for vision skin ,but is also best for healthy hairs. But addition of Vitamin A is also bad and it can cause of hair loss by raising the sebum in the hair follicles. Sebum is a matter which is formed by cholesterol. This is best in normal amount for the health of skin and hair. But extra quantity can en-courage the growth of bacteria at the follicle level and therefore really cause of hair loss. This vitamin can be found in foods specially in fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, carrots, peppers and salads, eggs are best to getting Vitamin A.

Vitamin “C”:

Collagen helps to get strong hairs and Collagen can get from vitamin C. and you can get vitamin C in citrus fruits and also in red peppers. Proper amount of vitamins and minerals are very necessary to continue growing. And here are the key minerals essential to avoid your hair loss.

Lack of“Iron” May be a big cause of hair loss:

Lack of iron can be a main cause of your hair loss. Iron helps to other nutrients to absorbed easily by the hair follicles and help to your scalp to get a good flow of blood, and on other hand sulphur encourages circulation of blood in the scalp that is improves hair growth and reduces irritation by helping prevent hair loss. Iron should get from food sources, and do not take iron supplement. It can get from poultry, tuna whole grains, dried beans dark green leafy vegetables Brazil nuts, oysters, kidney beans, oats.

Vitamin B5:

B5 is also called as pantothenic acid. It helps to skin and scalp to be healthy. B5 is essential for the health of every body cell and both carbohydrate and fat can be changed into energy without it.

Vitamin B7:

It is also called Biotin and biotin called vitamin H. It has been proved that it helps to grow hairs and prevent to excessive hair loss. Balding people might find that they can keep their hair longer by supplement of Biotin. You can get Biotin from green peas, oats, sunflower seeds, brown rice and bulgur.

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