Which Hair Extension Is Good For You?

Hair extensions can either become your new love affair or a total mess depending on how you look after them. Having a hair extension done is no where an easy job. It involves commitment and is actually a big decision. Furthermore, its results may vary depending on how you take care and maintain the hair extensions. In addition to this, the type of extension you get done is also an important factor in deciding how your hair will look after some time. Below are several hair extensions you can read on before getting the final thing done:

Clip – Ins


These are typically fake looking and will not require a whole lot of commitment in order to keep them new. However they are flexible enough that you can wash and style them just like your own hair. The biggest drawback of this type is that your clip-ins will begin to look worn and messy after frequent use. One way to avoid this is to choose real over synthetic for they are more durable when it comes to styling and washing.



Under this method, the hair extensions are attached to the hair with the help of keratin bonds at the tips. This is the most popular style and will look great on just about anyone. However, you will need a proper upkeep and several visits to the salon to keep your hair extensions in a good condition. You must remember that you cannot put oil, conditioners or styling heat close to the bonds for this will weaken them and your extensions will come out sooner than they should.

The best way to keep these in good condition is to work at the length only. These are durable for 3 months but the time period usually depends on how you take care of them.

Weave/Sewn In


This type is ideal for people who have thick or curly hair which can handle the extensions. Under this, the extensions are sewn into a person’s natural hair. Therefore, if you have thin hair, this will not work as desired. Since this is hardcore, it is recommended that you must visit the salon every six weeks to get the upkeep done. Upon your visit, your stylist will also make sure that the weave has not weakened and will repair in case the tightening is required.

Tape Extensions

Tape extensions work only when you properly care for your hair. Hair extensions under the tape method are connected in wide bonds using a Sellotape. The best thing about these is that they are perfectly like the hair you dream of. Moreover these extensions will also last longer if you show some kindness to them. Although they begin to tangle once your natural hair grows, these can be good for about 4-5 months.

Regardless of the style you wish to have, you must assess your hair first in order to determine which style will be right for you. Not all hair extensions can be done to  a single type of hair therefore be wise!

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